The parameters in the .rsp file control the output of the model and, for some models (e.g., pop), the graphical interfaces.

The response proper

The simulation output is written to a file, typically in nData format, and possibly to an additional model-dependent collection of files that contain state variables that are not part of the response proper.

Parameters in the .rsp file, which is named on the command line, control the name, the contents, and the format of the response file. Parameters are as follows:

  • outfile [outfile_prefix] - this prefix will be the default prefix for all output files.
  • write_ndata [outfile/] - ‘outfile’ is the name of the response file, unless ‘‘ is specified, in which case the response file will be named “[outfile_prefix].nd”.
  • ndata_format [nd, t1] - specifies the format of the ndata response file.