Analyzing multiple independent channels

An ndata file may contain multiple data channels. For example, the file may have 2 or more channels, each containing spike trains recorded from a different neuron or a different electrode. Or, if the file was created from a model that has hundreds or many thousands of units in a population, there may be many channels with names like mt_0_0, mt_0_1, etc.

One could analyze each channel by using many 'nda' commands, as follows:

  nda plaid120.nda model.nd  chan mt_0_0
  nda plaid120.nda model.nd  chan mt_0_1
However, there are two simple, automated ways to do this: With the 'nda_pop' command, pop simply refers to the fact that there is a population of channels (more than one) to be analyzed:
  nda_pop all_chan plaid120.nda model.nd
This 'nda_pop' command will open the input .nd file and will find all of the channel names in the first trial. It will then issue separate "nda" commands (like those shown above) for each channel. A list of options for running nda_pop is as follows: Special nda_pop parameters may be added to an .nda file to improve the formatting of results for 'nda_pop', as follows:

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