Analysis script format

An nda script is an ASCII text file that describes an analysis to be performed. By convention, it uses the .nda file extension. The format of an nda script file is outlined in the box below.

#  Comments are optional
[analysis type]
[analysis subtype]

[param1] [value list]
[param2] [value list]


Header comments. The file may begin with comments on lines that begin with #. These comments are optional.

Analysis type. The first non-empty, non-comment line in the file must be the analysis type. This is typically one word, such as raster or psth. For a complete list of analysis types, see the Analyses link at the left.

Grouping. This line must follow directly after the analysis type. It deterimines how trials in the data file will be grouped together for processing. Here is a description of grouping.

Analysis subtype. This is typically a single word that describes in more detail the nature of the analysis, particularly the output.

Parameters. The body of the nda script file contains a list of parameter names and values that are specific for each analysis. Comments can be used in this section. Here is a description of some commonly used parameters.

Conditions. Conditions are placed at the end of the nda script, and they must follow the word condition on a line by itself. Comments can be used in this section. Here is a detailed description of conditions.