ndata is a system for storing and analyzing neuronal data, including spike trains, membrane voltages, behavioral responses, eye position traces, etc. The various types of analyses that can be performed are listed under the Analyses link at the left.

An ndata analysis is performed using a command of the following form:

  nda    [nda script]  [ndata file]  [output file]
For example,
  nda     raster.nda     cell1.nd      result.pl
This command performs the analysis described by the nda script file raster.nda on the data file cell1.nd and writes the resulting output to result.pl.

For analyses that involve the correlation between responses of pairs of neurons, the command is nda_corr, as follows:

  nda_corr   xcorr.nda   pair7.nd      result.pl

Your data can be converted to ndata from a simple text format. See the link Convert to ndata at the left. If you have a more complicated data format, a custom conversion routine for your data can easily be created (contact Wyeth Bair).

The executables (binaries) for the ndata application programs are available for Linux and for OS X from the Download binaries link at the left.