WM stimulus documentation

New stimulus types are first created for use with WM (written in C) and they may not yet be respresented in the iModel stimulus browser, iModV (written in Java). Thus, all stimuli listed below are available for model execution, even if they are not yet available for viewing using iModV.

Binocular stimuli

  1. gabor_grid -   Grid of Gabor patches, emulates Rokers et al. (2011)

  2. sine_grid -   Grid of sine patches, emulates Kumbhani et al. (2015)

  3. plaid - Disparity -   Binocular dichoptic plaid with disparity offset

  4. rds_cd_mod -   Random dot stereogram (RDS) changing disparity (CD) modulation

  5. rds_mid_mod -   Random dot stereogram (RDS) motion in depth (MID) modulation

Monocular stimuli

  1. plaid unikinectic -   Unikinetic Type II plaid

  2. flicker plaid -   plaid with dynamic random line stimulus (RLS), Quaia et al.

  3. gabor_britt -   Britten & Heuer dual Gabor

  4. bar field -   Field of oriented moving bars

  5. global vs. local motion -   Long-range vs. short range motion with a Gabor patch

  6. transparent and paired dot fields -   Oppositely moving dot fields can be paired or independent (Qian et al., 1994)