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About the WM framework

The WM modeling framework is a simulator written in C that uses OpenGL/X11 for a graphical user interface (GUI). Input to WM is given in the form of text files that describe models, stimuli and responses to be recorded. The output is written in a binary format called nData (.nd). The goal of WM is to provide a unified framework for presenting stimuli to models and for recording the output.

A major focus of WM is the development of networks of spiking neurons that respond to visual stimuli presented as movies. However, WM also runs simpler models, for example linear-Poisson models, which consist of a linear filter followed by Poisson spiking, and isolated integrate-and-fire units.

WM is distinct from iModel.org. WM is a piece of simulation software, whereas iModel.org encompasses a collection of interactive web-based utilities. The software utilities for iModel are largely built on Java code. However, models that are submitted for execution from the iModel.org website will cause the execution of the WM (or MM) simulator.

To download the WM software, click on the Download link above.

For further information, contact Wyeth Bair.