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This model implements the basic binocular disparity energy (BDE) model of Ohzawa et al. (1998), as well as variations on this model proposed by Chen et al. (2001) and Read et al. (2002).

Configuring the Model


These parameters set the basic simulation settings: The following phase parameters are common to all BDE models and set up the spatial phase shift between the left and right eyes. Note that in WM, the negative spatial filters are inferred (we do not have explicit parameters for setting the -1s/d or -2s/d pathways). The next 2 options are implemented for defining the 4 subunit filters in the BDE models. ME models are always in a specific quadrature relationship (+90 deg) by convention, but this can produce incorrect filters for the Read et al. models depending on which type of disparity tuning is being built (ie. TE/TI vs NE/FA). The following parameters relate to the last two stages of the BDE model, introducing options for rectification and inhibitory interactions as in the Read et al. models. In particular, 'right_sign' sets the pattern of +'s and -'s that indicate addition or subtraction of each subunit output.


binoc_filter models use a <filter> object that specifies parameters for the spatiotemporal RFs of each monocular subunit. For the BDE_Gabor and BDE_Gabor_DS models as well as the BDE_RPC models, the basic 'Gabor' filter is used. With the BDE_CWQ models, a specific 'Gabor_CWQ' filter type is defined, that includes parameters for the temporal filtering implented in the Chen et al. models.

Spike Generation

binoc_filter models also require a <spike_gen> object that defines the method of spike generation from the final filter output.

Model Outputs

Model Components

The spatial filters for each of the four component monocular subunits can be output using the <filter> object's write_filter option. If Poisson spike generation is used, then the output firing probability can be written to a .pl file using the spike_dump option in <spike_gen>.

Model Responses

The following response types can be requested: A template .rsp file including these quantities can be downloaded here.

Models of This Type