WM     Working Models


This model type is inspired by the motion energy model described by Adelson and Bergen (1995).

Configuring the Model


These parameters set the basic simulation settings:


me_gabor_01 models use a <filter> object that specifies parameters for the spatiotemporal RFs of each input subunit. These models use a 'Gabor' type filter.

Spike Generation

me_gabor_01 models require a <spike_gen> object that defines the method of spike generation from the final filter output.

Model Outputs

Model Components

The spatial filters for each of the four component subunits can be output using the <filter> object's 'write_filter' option. If Poisson spike generation is used, then the output firing probability can be written to a .pl file using the 'spike_dump' option in <spike_gen>.

Model Responses

The following response types can be requested: A template .rsp file including these quantities can be downloaded here.

Models of This Type