< unit >

The unit object defines a stochastic spike train that is the combination of spikes from (1) a common source and (2) an independent homogeneous Poisson process.

  name        unit1         # This name can be used in the .rsp file
  rate       20.0   (spk/s) # Mean rate of indepedent Poisson process

  # The following parameters determined the probability of including spikes
  # from the common source, and at what time those spikes are placed.  A delay
  # and a spread can be specified, which allow any spike that is included
  # to be placed with a time lag and at a random time within the window
  # defined by 'spread_c'.

  prob_c      0.2    (prob) # Probability of taking a spike from common source
  delay_c     0.002    (s)  # Delay added to spikes from common source
  spread_c    0.000    (s)  # Window for uniform placement of common spike

  # The following parameters allow each spike to be transformed into a burst

  burst_dur   0.000    (s)  # Duration of burst
  burst_prob  0.25   (prob) # Probability of a spike at each sampling time
                            # during a burst

Relevant Models