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This 1D model implements a linear filter followed by spike train generation. It also may contain any number of units in a second layer, defined by <unit> objects, that combine the spikes from the linear unit with independently generated Poisson spikes.

Configuring the Model


These parameters set the basic simulation settings:


lin_01 models include a 1-D <filter> object that specifies parameters for the temporal filter.

Spike Generation

lin_01 models require a <spike_gen> object that defines the method of spike generation from the final filter output.


lin_01 models may optionally include <unit> object specifying parameters for 2nd layer units.

Model Outputs

Model Components

The following command allows users to output the temporal filter itself:

Model Responses

The following response types can be requested: A template .rsp file including these quantities can be downloaded here.

Models of This Type