Some of the major analysis types are documented below. For more information about these or other analyses, contact Wyeth Bair. Analysis types are listed beneath the command (nda or nda_corr) that implements the analysis.

barnoise     White-noise analysis for 1D array of random bars.
bar1ran     Analysis for sparse random bar stimulus.
char_01     Characterize tuning curves: spline fit, peak height and width, and direction and orientation indices.
characterize_lms_sf Compute cone weights from cone-isolating SF tuning curves.
characterize_plaid Characterize responses to a joint plaid and grating stimulus.
choice_prob     Choice probability; computing a decision variable from spike channels.
coverage     Stimulus-response coverage and related maps.
event_interval     Compute the distribution of time between specific events.
event_stat     Compute simple statistical summaries of event times.
f1     F1 (F2, etc.) analysis for temporally periodic signals (spikes and continuous)
fn     compute amplitude and phase at multiple frequencies, for sum-of-sine stimuli.
grid_sta     spike-triggered average for spatial grid white-noise
isi     inter-spike interval
percent_plot     probabilities - e.g. for percent correct curves, psychophysics
plot     plot continuous signals
psth     peri-stimulus time histogram (PSTH), and power spectrum thereof
psth_trig     peri-stimulus time histogram (PSTH) relative to triggers within random stimulus sequences (e.g., 'gabor_britt' stimuli)
param     examine and print trial parameter values
pta     stimulus pattern-triggered average response
pwr     power spectrum
raster     spike times, spike train plots
sc_var     spike count mean and variance
sr     spike rate (and continuous data, partially impl'd)
sta     spike-triggered average
sta_multi     spike-triggered average
tref     analyze trial start time sequence
write_stim_seq write values of a random stimulus sequence to a text file

rsc     spike count correlation coefficient
sr_corr     r_signal for a pair of neurons, i.e., correlation of tuning curves
tcorr     spike count cross-correlation, TAC and TCC
transmit     spike transmission statistics for a pair of neurons
xcorr     cross-correlation, auto-correlation for spikes and continuous data
xcorr_pta     cross-correlation of pattern-triggered responses